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Who are GECX?

GLOBAL ENERGY & COMMODITIES EXCHANGE (GECX) is an investment company that specialises in energy (oil and gas), soft commodities (sugar), and precious metals in Europe to the Middle East.

We have a dynamic team of professionals from the Energy and the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sectors who assist in the decision making process at GECX.

Their work across various business sectors gives them useful insights into the opportunities and pitfalls of the region.

Our expert areas include Oil and Gas; Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG); and Metals and Precious Metals.

Our Objectives

We are building scale by gaining access within the Oil and Gas markets.

Access to such markets gives us the ability and flexibility to meet the needs of our investors worldwide and establish us as a leading name in the energy and commodities markets.


Having a team made up of investment professionals from sectors that complement the industry we invest in, we achieve our objectives by;

  • Creating a unique pipeline of opportunities from our research and network of local and international contacts.
  • Rigorously analysing the risk in any investment and performing appropriate due diligence.
  • Investing in less correlated assets to keep our investment portfolio from extreme volatility.

That’s not all.

With over a century of collective experience within our specialised industries, we are always looking to expand our portfolio of assets.

We welcome to hear from you.

In short: We believe in mutually beneficial relationships, benefitting all parties achieving their objectives collectively.

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