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Oil and Gas

GECX is an accredited oil and gas investor that’ll make oil and gas investing easy for you.

We make it possible for smaller buy-ins in projects at various stages of oil productions so you can diversify your portfolios in one place.

We only partner with expert operators with proven track records, carefully vet each potential oil investment project, and present only the best for our investors.

Onico is currently one of our opportunities to participate in the European gas supply market. Please click here for further information on Onico.


GECX focuses on providing high quality and reliable services to its investors. Therefore, we’re able to handle physical trading transactions at every stage with all the dedication and professionalism you want.

We negotiate contracts for purchase or sale of LPG cargoes and coordinate logistics to ensure timely and cost-effective delivery of LPG shipments.

We’re active on several major European trading hubs, trading physical and financial natural gas products, offering market access and physical notification service for our investors worldwide.


Metals and precious metals are ideal safe-haven investments that have historically withstood economic uncertainty.

GECX trades in steel bullets and base metals such as Aluminium, Copper, Nickel, and Zinc. All trading takes place over the counter (OTC).

We also aim to be an active participant in the precious metals market, trading gold, silver, and platinum.

With influence in the Middle East and direct access to the market, we’re able to satisfy the needs of our investors globally and become an integral part of the metal supply chain.

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